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    Default The Dumb, the Lucky, and the Dumber

    I wasn't sure where to put this in the forum, but I'll try here.

    I came across three recent road-related stories that were just too good not to pass on to others.

    Last month, in Mequon, Wisconsin, the overpass over I-43 was being repaved and, of course, there were barriers up. Nonetheless, about ten pathfinders decided to ignore them and go around. Two of the cars got stuck and had to be pulled out. Police, as of then, were not sure whether to ticket (they should) or make the unfortunates pay the $20,000 to repair their mess (they should).

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    A couple were driving down a two lane road in mid-Washington state when a 600 pound cow fell on the hood of their car off a 200 foot high cliff. Another fraction of a second later and this wouldn't have been a humorous story. I can just see their insurance agent's face when they go for repairs.

    Lastly, a man in Washington state was trying to change his tire and got mad at a rusty lugnut that would not move. He took out a shotgun and fired from about a foot away. He was badly injured by the richochet.

    Well, It Takes All Kinds. --RoadDog
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    Default Nevada Speed bumps

    Quote Originally Posted by RoadDog View Post
    Nonetheless, about ten pathfinders decided to ignore them and go around.
    In Nevada, we call those "speed bumps" -- no self-respecting Nevadan would be deterred by a non-K-rail barrier...

    Appreciate the humor this morning.


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    Default Politicians Get in on the Act Here

    Foster Campbell

    Wikipedia is very nice to him about that accident. He drove around barricades on I-49 (about 5 years before the interstate even opened) and drove off of an unfinished bridge. He finally got himself a glass eye for this last Governors election. He still lost, but probably not by as much if he still had the eye patch since the whole accident issue probably would have come up again.



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