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    I'm trying to talk my fiance, brother and his girlfriend into a +-2 week roadtrip west. I was wondering how much it is to rent an RV? We would need a decent amount of space. Also, if you have rented before, what was your concerns, ect.? Was your experience good? Is it cheaper than hotel rooms per day?

    I have a lot of questions, this trip probably won't happen until 2009, since we would all have to accumulate some vacation time to easily take this trip.

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    Default It is never going to be cheaper....

    Quote Originally Posted by butlerguy03 View Post
    I was wondering how much it is to rent an RV?
    Renting a RV makes makes sense if you want a sense of adventure or you want a near-camping experience or you are going to be in places with no motels -- but it will never be cheaper than motels, except when you are boondocking -- here are some excellent ideas for that!

    Here are some ideas and tips about renting RVs
    An overview
    Some things to keep in mind
    A new book with lots of answers and tips


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    Default Cheaper than motels?

    In a word, no. I don't even think boondocking would be cheaper once you factor in the cost of renting plus the extra fuel expenses.

    RVing can be great fun. Some love it; some don't. I feel mixed on it. I like it if you're not driving far at any one time and you're going to stay in the same place for awhile. But, if I'm doing a lot of driving in a short period of time, I'd rather be in a car. However, I know others who wouldn't travel any other way no matter what the circumstances are.

    If you've never traveled via RV, go for it! That's the only way to find out whether it's for you. Just don't do it as a money-saver.

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    Thanks for a point in the right direction Mark.

    I would probably be the one driving the entire time, so I guess it would be up to the other three whether we spent more for the comforts of a RV v. the ease of driving around. It's all speculation at this point.

    Where are places to avoid with a RV? Where should we go?


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