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    Default Some More Great Interstate Drives

    I'm a big-time two laner, but have found some really great drives along interstates.

    This past month, I drove to North Carolina for a visit with family, fortunately before the big gas jump of the past two days. Gas went up 20 cents a gallon here in northern Illinois.

    That cruise on the West Virginia Turnpike was well worth the $3.75 admission for tolls, especially since the trees were starting to turn. That is one impressive piece of construction.

    Coming back I cruised I-40 and the stretch either side of the Tennessee-NC border was also a pleasure.

    Last year, we drove I-70 from its western terminus in Utah to Denver. All I can say is WOW!!!

    Keep on Down ThoseTwo Lane Roads, But Don't Forget the Interstates. --RoadDog

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    Default One of the Best

    When I first drove the West Virginia Turnpike, it was a two-lane road (with the occasional third 'suicide' lane for passing). Nevertheless, it was, even so, an engineering marvel and a scenic wonder. One of the few toll roads that I'll go out of my way to use.


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    Default Not a toll road, but....

    Quote Originally Posted by AZBuck View Post
    Nevertheless, it was, even so, an engineering marvel and a scenic wonder.
    Another super slab that is still quite the thrill to drive is the Pasadena Freeway -- it features dead-stop on-ramps with less than optimal visual clearance -- a real thrill to merge when driving a stick shift...


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