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    I am leaving from Atlanta the day after Christmas and trying to get to Vancouver, BC in order to start grad school. I have allowed about 6-7 days to get there, but am not sure which route would be best considering the time of year. Is it realistic to try and go through Denver and SLC or should I try and take a southern route and go up the coast of California.

    Either way it seems like I will hit mountains and snow at some point. I will also be driving a 12 ft. moving truck, so this needs to be taken into consideration as well. Any suggestions are much appreciated!

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    Default South to the Northwest?

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    The most direct route from Atlanta to Vancouver is I-24/I-57/I-64 to St. Louis, I-70 to Kansas City, I-29 and NE-2 to Lincoln, I-80 to Salt Lake City, I-84/I-82/I-90 to Seattle and finally I-5/BC-99 up to Vancouver. That's a little over 2800 miles. Going south to the L.A. area and then up the Central Valley would add around 700 miles to the trip. At worst, you might lose a day to a snowstorm going the northern route, but you'd lose at least that much time, not to mention the extra gas required, on the southern route. Go north and be ready to relax in place for a day if the weather demands it.


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    thanks for the help! That sounds like a good route.

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