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  1. Default Driving Ct to Florida in Dec w/ a English Setter

    Looking for suggestions re; cool stops and places to stay (that take dogs) along the way- going to Pompino Beach, Florida.

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    Default Not as Hard as You Might Think

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    Travelling with a family pet is getting a bit easier than it has been in the past. Most major chains now make at least some accommodations for pets, particularly single, well behaved animals. You might have to pay a modest surcharge or place a deposit. You can check out the policy of a given motel chain by simply doing a web search on the chain name and 'pet policy'. Here are a couple to get you started:

    Motel 6
    Days Inn

    Since you'll be on I-95 pretty much the entire way down, there will be plenty of these national chain motels to choose from. Be sure to also read through these tips for travelling with your dog. Just as an aside, I had an English Setter myself for many years. Great pets: friendly, intelligent, loyal, and a lot of fun; but they do shed!

    If you let me define what's 'cool' you'll be seeing a lot of historic sites and wandering off to deserted backcountry and small roads. So why don't you give everybody a few hints on what you would like to see.


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