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    Default Route 66 and Highway 1

    Hi everybody,

    I am planning to fly out to Chicago in April 2008 and follow Route 66 to LA before driving up the Pacific coast all the way to Seattle. My idea is to pick up a Mustang at O'Hare and drop it off in Seattle before getting the flight back to London. Crazy idea? Maybe, but that's what i want to do. I was hoping that somebody on here might be able to offer me some good advice to aid me in planning the trip and letting me know what I might expect along the way? I am about to book my flight in the next few days and want to book the car too but I see some comments on here about one way charges so wondered what is the best way of doing it?

    It's great to see there so many people out there who are as crazy as i am!


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    Welcome to RoadTrip America!

    What specifically are you looking for advice on? The flights, the car or the drive? Where are you at with your planning?

    Unfortunately it's almost certain there will be a hefty one way drop off charge for the car - especially a specialist car like a 'stang. Don't let that put you off though. You just need to shop around a bit more to minimise that charge. I usually start my search with Airline Network and Travel Supermarket but there are many others out there.

    The trip itself sounds fun. How long do you have and what is your budget? What are your interests and what are you hoping to see/do along the route? Will you be travelling alone?

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    Yes, I will be alone on the trip and plan to do it in 21 days so I'll be eating the miles! Don't have any specific plans as yet but am devouring a couple of books on Route 66 so will identify the things I really want to see. I certainly want to take in a NASCAR race somewhere too. Have you done the trip yourself?

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    I've driven from San Diego to San Francisco along the coast road. It's a fantastic drive -- especially through the Big Sur area north of LA which you would be passing through.

    Have also done a very small amount of Route 66. It was pretty cool but, if I'm honest, I'd sooner spend the 10 days or so that it would take to do the whole route in the West, soaking up the scenery and experiencing the whole deal over there.

    Don't let me put you off, though, this is YOUR roadtrip after all! It really is going to be insanely rushed to get it all done in 21 days, however. Is there any way that you could extend the trip by another week?

    The Nascar schedule for 2008 has been announced and April offers a choice of Texas, Phoenix or Talladega. I've done that meeting at Talladega for the past two years and could highly recommend it -- except it's nowhere near your route. Texas is always entertaining but Phoenix is about the closest you'll come to a Nascar race during your travels. It would be around a 300 mile round trip from Route 66 and would probably take a total of 2 days of your trip to drive down, watch the race, then return to Route 66. But who am I to try and disuade you? :)

    There are several circuits that you could check out along your route. Top of the tree are Laguna Seca near Salinas and Infineon Raceway near Sonoma.

    I really do think that you need to find a way to add some days to the trip.

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    Hi Amicus,

    I spent a bit of time on some small sections of Route 66 between Las Vegas and Williams in the spring 2007. I think you might find there are interesting areas to stop and it is good to allow for these, Kingman (Just before Hoover dam on the way to Vegas 'east to west') is one place that doesn't look like much but it has a small Route 66 diner, a Route 66 museum 'not brilliant' but worth a stop although the Mojave Indian museum was an interesting stop. We stayed in the Kingman hotel, really * really * old place but great character, old tin panels on the ceilings. The hotel has a restaurant that is brilliant although expensive.

    It is most definately worth a detour up to Monument valley, this for me was 10 times better than the grand canyon but maybe think of taking a diversion off Route 66 as you are nearing Flagstaff to see these.

    If I went back to LA I would revisit Long Beach and Seal beach, we stayed a night looking over long beach and I really liked the area, good food and great people. Seal beach is a couple of miles south of Long beach, has a pier out to Ruby's cafe, we had a good day trip to this beach. Would be a shame to be so close to LA and not visit it, although be warned.... it is massive.

    Hearst castle is worth a visit, it is located just beside Cambria on the coast when driving up from LA to H1, don't forget to stop and get a look at the seals on the beach a couple of miles up the coast from Hearst castle. (Nothing to do with seal beach in LA).

    We never got to Big Sur (Next trip we will) but many people told us about it and that it is a must so if you are going up H1 then take a bit of time to look around, apparently if you are lucky you may even see whales in the Lucia - Big sur area.

    Really is worth adding a GPS to the rent a car, it will save you loads of time if visiting any cities.

    I used Alamo on my trip, $500 drop off from West to East on a mid range.

    Hope you have a great trip
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    Default Route 66

    My wife and I drove Route 66 last fall from Chicago all the way to Santa Monica.

    Two books I highly recommend are Jerry McClanahan's EZ Guide to Route 66 and David Wickline's Images of 66. Both complement the other very well.

    We had people at the sites pictures in Wickline's book sign their picture as a momento.

    We had planned to drive up the coast and then drive back on US Highway 12, but after a little over two weeks on 66, we were getting a bit ready to be home.

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