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    I am Hillary from Small Town Texa and my friend is Julie from Bigger town Michigan

    Default Random possible roadtrip

    roadtrip from Texas to Michigan but want to go through NY. (We know incredibly out of the way) for an explanation. We are kind of wild hair people adn while planning a trip to visit my best friend in Michigan, I got this great idea for a roadtrip...which then turned into the whole trip. I have something like 17 days off, but she doesnt so time is cramped and money will be tight.


    Dec 26 leave Amarillo, TX and drive to Tulsa.
    (Julie will be arriving via plane from MI and we have a friend that lives there so we can sleep.)
    Dec 27 leave early from Tulsa, OK and drive as far as we get.
    Dec 28 leave and drive as far as we get
    Dec 29 leave adn drive the rest of the way. Find crummy hotel or something near NYC.
    Dec 30 Explore NYC
    Dec 31 Explore in morning and spend rest of day in times square
    *!* WATCH BALL FALL*!*
    Dec 1 Travel back to hotel
    Dec 2-5 Travel to MI and stay there at Julies place
    Dec 6-Begin drive to TX
    Dec 7- Finish rest of drive and Julie has to catch night flight back to MI
    Dec 8- Julie works morning at school ;) & I sleep

    The Budget is TINY!!!! VERY TINY!
    Basically at almost 4000 miles in a car that gets 26 mpg avg. I figured 160 gallons and overpriced at $3/g would be about 500 total. Then we are thinking of camping the way there (Yes we know it is dec and we are heading north but that is what an adventure is right...crazy?!?) only hotel while in/around NYC so for two nights we guessed like 2-300. Then we added in her flights from Detroit to Tulsa as (99) and Amarillo to Detroit (147) so that total is roughly 1050. Split that 2 ways and it is roughly 550 each. So basically 600 give or take a bit for the trip. Food is from a cooler and we will eat out some but we are thinking like christmas money for that stuff so ~300ish. So basically for the trip we will have 600 each and for spending/food we will have 2-300. I know it will be tight and quite a winter time adventure BUT
    Are there any suggestions or advice that we should take. TIPS ANYONE! I have never taken a trip this long via roadways....What do yall thikn

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    Default hope for good weather

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think your rough draft looks ok. The camping would have me concerned to a degree. Have you ever been camping in the winter and do you have the proper cold weather gear? If not, are you including that in your budget? You can camp in the cold, but if you think you can do it with a $20 summer sleeping bag, you're going to end up really miserable really fast.

    The other thing think that you'll need to keep in mind is that its quite possible that you could see some bad weather that would keep you off the road for a day or more.

    The flights could be hit worst by the weather, because if there is a big storm anytime around christmas, the system could still be seeing major delays around the 27th. I'd also make sure that those flight prices include taxes, because they sound almost too good to be true.

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    I am Hillary from Small Town Texa and my friend is Julie from Bigger town Michigan



    The camping has us both concerned. I have been camping in winter but at a lake 10 minutes from home and it was in TX and not Jan, so NOT the same thing. I have AMAZING sleeping bags actually because of my fathers expeditions, but no tent yet. The vehicle which is in the works will have removable seats. Would it be poss to stay in that you think? Also Where do you find camping places in the winter or are there laws about rest stop car

    As far as winter driving....Julie is kind of a pro (being from MI) I am not so much and this car will be new to me so....I know the flight thing is worrisome being around the holidays AND would really throw the whole time thing off. We woud have a day or so cushion...but What kind of road delays are we talkin about, closed highways or... not to sound naive...but Im not sure I understand

    The flights sound too good but are part of a southwest holiday deal from Dec 20-Jan 6 and oddly fit too perfectly.
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