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    Hello all, i'm new here but i wish i had seen this site months ago ! I've just returned to Ireland from travelling Route 66 with my wife. We rode it on a H.D ultra glide and it was fantastic, 19 days of pure discovery channel, and some of the friendliest people i have ever come across. I've been to the U.S a few times but i always knew there was a real America out there with real people and i found it. Now of course i've been bitten and want to do it again. I would like to ride from San Diego to Portland in Oregon (i have relatives there), has to be by bike as i do not drive a car.Is it possible to stick to a coastal route on 2 lane roads ? When would be the best time of year ? I would be planning on taking 3 weeks, stopping off in small towns for overnights. Any help would be greatly appreciated and the favour returned for anyone coming to Ireland.

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    Hi Andy - I just drove that route this summer from L.A. to Seattle on highway 1/101 which goes right up the coast on a two lane highway and it is beautiful. I think almost everyone in America wants to make that drive at some point in their lives. Because I started in L.A. I am not sure what it is like between there and San Diego but around the L.A. area there is a LOT of traffic and I am not sure what safety problems that could present as the WINDING road all the way up the coast is pretty narrow, but I saw several bikers along the way. There are state park campgrounds pretty much all the way and I feel they were pretty expensive, but that's California.I recall while if you were driving a vehicle the typical campground cost was $25 but they typically had a hike/bike rate if you did not have a car that was only about $5. I hope to make it to Ireland some day to check out where my ancestors are from and I have heard it is a beautiful country! Good Luck!

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