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  1. Default Hello there AMERICA!

    Hi there,
    I'm Tom, and i'm wondering if some of you nice ppl can help me decide where to go when i come to the U.S.
    There will be me (a Scot) and my friend Leigh (and irishman).
    I've looked at flighing to Montreal. Then driving to Toronto - DC - NY - then fligh home from boston. Visiting places inbetween.

    1) Is there any advantage to traveling by car than by buses in between large cities? (apart from the obvious, like leave when u like and go faster etcetc) Because remember i'm a complete alien to u're road systems and parking charges and acents and hair-dos and large meals and lots of things....I'm waffling. never mind.
    2)as the flight is goin to take up a large portion of my holiday budget, is there good hostels to stay in over there? regualed, but fun kinda stuff? Becuase in UK there are good ones, but there are REALY BAD ONES that all the traps stay in etc. Not that i dont like traps, if any of u traps reading this managed to waggle u're way into a internet connected puter, most traps i've met are nice, but a couple got dragged off at the end of our conversations by the police, making it hard to realy 'bond'.hmmm yes.

    3)Bars and club etc. How expensive is the aclohol in US? We like to drink! But not drink and drive. This is forbidden. From the highest order.

    5)i'm very tired.
    6)i shall post again when i wake up.

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    Default You'll Find Things a Bit Different Here

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Without repeating myself too much, here's a post where I talk about some of what I consider the best possibilities in that general area. Be sure to follow the link to the discussion of a drive through Massachusetts, and also have a look at these posts about New England.

    If you really want to see America, I'm afraid you'll have to do it by car. Our public transportation system, particularly the trains and busses are not quite up to the standards you have in the British Isles, particularly in terms of frequency of service and coverage. Hostels exist in the U.S., but while there are fewer of them here than in Europe, the ones I've seen tend to be fairly good. I have no idea what a 'trap' is.

    Beer tends to be moderately cheap here. It will help that the pound and punt are worth so much against the dollar. One option is to try the pubs connected with small local breweries. These often have local musicians on certain nights. Inquire locally.


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