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    I teach at a high school and a student stopped suddenly during a right turn to let left turn traffic go. The student didn't have a stop sign and didn't need to stop. The student driver and the mother were very proud of how courteous they were being. I thought they were lucky not to get hit. Any insight on what I can tell them to explain their error?

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    Default Defensive Driving and Courtesy

    Quote Originally Posted by MAInstructor View Post
    I thought they were lucky not to get hit. Any insight on what I can tell them to explain their error?
    I agree -- drivers who create traffic holes endanger everyone else on the road. Although not exactly the circumstances you describe -- here is a short article about the danger of being "too courteous"...

    One of these days, we will enable a tool where folks, like yourself, can respond to our Defensive Driving Rules....



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    Default ARS - Blocking an intersection / public or private driveway

    I read Uncle Bob's driving rule and the only thing that I didn't see addressed was laws such as ARS 28-873 which, from what I interpret anyway, that it is unlawful to block any intersection or private/public driveway. The reason I bring this up is because I've noticed many times traffic is backed up at a red light for a good mile, and there have been people waiting 20-30 minutes to make a left hand turn across, or a right hand turn into, traffic that is heavily congested. Am I wrong in interpreting the law as to heavy traffic must not block a driveway or intersection? Although this is specific to Arizona, I know most states have similar provisions

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    Default How I interpret that one...

    Regarding the Arizona Law, I think you might be missing the first part of that law:

    "Except if necessary to avoid conflict with other traffic or if in compliance with law or the directions of a police officer or traffic control device,"

    I'd interprete the law you've reference as something more regarding parking issues, where its not legal to park in front of a driveway.

    Its been my understanding that blocking a driveway because of a stop sign/heavy traffic, is legal, however, blocking an intersection is not legal.

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    Default Thats more or less what I had in mind

    I was looking at it more along the notion of being on a downtown street and blocking a intersection with a side street (i.e. the main thoroughfare has no traffic control device, but the side street has a stop sign).I've seen too many times ambulances and fire trucks racing up a side street, only to encounter a wall of bumper to bumper traffic.


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