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    Default cannot fly in time, oakland to reno at night?

    There is no flight that leaves SF, Oakland (where I arrive at 6:45 PM next week) in time to get me to a conference early the next morning, so I'd like to drive. Any idea if it's snowy or if there's a safer route for night driving? I am not used to winter weather...

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    Default I-80

    Quote Originally Posted by aloha07 View Post
    Any idea if it's snowy or if there's a safer route for night driving?
    The pass has already seen two snow storms, but it has pretty much melted already. You will be fine -- just stay on I-80 to Reno.


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    Default Sleep on the plane!

    Hopefully you can sleep on the plane so you're not too groggy for the 215 mile trip, figure about 4 hours if weather is good and there's no traffic congestion. (Google Maps says it's 3h, 25m but I have a feeling that is a bit optimistic.)

    Do you have time to play while you're there?

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    Default The drive is more than that

    I do that drive all the time.
    Assuming you are committed to driving at 80mph the whole time you can maybe do it in 4 hours, but I never have. I live in lake tahoe and I would say it'll take you closer to 5, SFO to Reno.

    The pass will be fine. It's seen two snow storms so far this season but both of them were very mild. It's supposed to rain here this week which may end up with a little snow on the pass. If you're experienced in snow driving just make sure you have a front wheel drive car at least and give all the other idiots on the road plenty of space, and don't pass the rigs in the turns.

    If you're not an experienced snow driver I still wouldn't worry about it too much, get some kind of AWD or 4x4 and ease off the gas in the turns, don't brake and give everyone a ton of space, (especially me I'm in a Black Ford Ranger).

    Worst case scenario the weather up here changes so often the roads are seldom bad for more than a day or so.

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