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    Default Anchorage to Seattle then Boston how long?

    My wife and I are a couple of crazy Brits with a 1970 Aston Martin which we drove 18000 miles from London to Sydney in 2005 with some friends in old cars. (And yes it is the same colour as the James Bond one!) Next year we will come to N America driving from Panama to Alaska.

    Since it will cost a fortune to ship the car back from Anchorage to the UK, we are considering driving down to Seattle after we finish (very end of June) and leaving the car there for a few months. The plan would then be to fly home and return later to drive the car over to New England to join in with an Aston Martin tour over there in the Fall.

    We are interested in hearing from those who have driven either of these routes to recommend how long we should allow, what route we should take and where to stop off on the way. We are interesed in driving through great scenery and avoiding traffic hot spots. However, when we get to Anchorage we will already have been on the road for two months and will want to get to Seattle quite quickly and via a different route from on the way up. (Our route north is Salt Lake City, Ketchum, Polson, Banff, Grand Prairie, Fort Nelson, Watson Lake, Whitehorse, Dawson City, Tok, Fairbanks, Anchorage).

    We also need to keep the route reasonably direct since the Aston is a great long distance car but you are lucky if you get more than 16 mpg and there is a limit to the number of servicing items I can bring with me.

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    Default Perhaps by Boat?

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There really is only one road to Alaska, so its not going to be possible to do a totally new route on the way back south. However, what you might consider is using the Alaska Marine Highway, which is actually a ferry that would take you along Alaska's coastline. You could take it down to British Columbia and drive south from there, or you could take the boat all the way to Washington State.

    The drive from Seattle to Boston on I-90 should take 6-7 days, at a reasonably quick pace.

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    Default You're My New Heroes!

    One of my favorite shows that is shown now-and-again on History International channel is the redux of the Peking to Paris race that they re-ran a few years back. And you folks went even farther! Wow...I don't suppose you have a website detailing that epic adventure?

    Panama to Alaska sounds almost as epic. I can't tell you a thing about the Panama through Mexico portion. But El Paso, TX, to Anchorage, AK, is just under 4000 miles. Considering you can make good time through the US and the lower parts of Canada, although you'll go slower the farther north you go, I would figure 80 hours.

    I must ask, aren't you worried about hurting your wonderful classic?

    I agree with Michael that taking the Alaska Marine Highway back is worth considering. It's a terrific ride with great views. Most, if not all, sailings have naturalists on who give talks and point out wildlife and interesting geology. If you want a private berth for sleeping, you will want to get your reservations in. If you're up to it, most people either sleep in their sleeping bags out in the open areas. Others bring tents and set them up outside on deck. It's really a bit of an adventure.

    Oh, and it docks in the US at Bellingham, WA. My son lives there. Gosh, I'm wondering if he could babysit your Aston for you. Maybe drive it for a visit to me so it doesn't sit without running too long? We can take it for a spin or two and make sure she's running fine. ;) We'll keep good care of her. Really!
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    Default Thanks I will look into the boat option

    Thanks, Michael, I will look into the boat option. It sounds great; spot a few whales - and a break from being behind the wheel. No schedules up on their site for next summer yet so I have sent them an email.

    Judy, not sure about the offer for your son to keep the Aston warmed up. I will let you know, but don't hold your breath.

    Note for clarification, I am not seeking information on the journey from Panama to Alaska - that is already fixed with a group of friends. It is the journey from Anchorage to Seattle and the one across to New England that we need guidance on.

    PS London Sydney blog is here.
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    Default Darn it anyway!

    But it was worth a shot. :)

    Thanks for the link to your website. I just spent about an hour drooling over all the stuff at the Global Rally Organization website. And now I'll spend some more time at your's. You're very lucky to be able to do this. I can't wait to hear about how your trip went. Please come back and give us an update and a link to any websites about it, OK? Some of us only get to do this vicariously.

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