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  1. Default Quickest/Best Route L.A. to Chicago

    We are heading back to Chicago from Los Angeles. What is the quicker ... less remote route.

    I-15 to salt lake I-80 to Chicago or
    I -40 to 44 to I-55 to Chicago?


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    Default different questions

    Being quicker and less remote are usually different question, as the less remote route will generally have a little more traffic and other elements that could slow you down.

    In this case, there's really not much difference. The travel time isn't going to be much different. You're talking about a difference of less than 100 miles over a 2000 mile trip.

    I'd say the I-40 route will be a little less remote. There will be plenty of wide open stretches, but there's a couple more larger urban areas that you'd be traveling through. But there will be plenty of cars on either route, as both are used as Major cross country routes, with thousands of cars and trucks using both of them every day.

  3. Default Quickest route


    I was also wondering which route was less "mountainess" as well? That would also dictate which route would be quicker. I realize that now after driving I-70 through Western Colorado and southern utah.


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    Default I-40, I-44, I-55

    At one time it was called "The Great Diagonal" back when it was Route 66.

    The shortest distance between two points, you know.

    Plus, on these roads, you can get off occasionally and treat yourslf to the Mother Road.

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    Default technically

    the "Great Diagonal" is actually the longest of the 3 major routes.

    I-15 to I-70 to I-76 to I-80 is 2016 miles

    I-15 to I-80 is 2061 miles

    I-40 to I-44 to I-55 is 2123 miles

    I-70 is the most mountainous route, although that really shouldn't slow you down all that much.

    I-80 would probably be the least mountainous, but I-40 wouldn't be bad either.

    But again, when you are talking about a difference of 100 miles over a 2000 mile trip, you really wouldn't see a significant difference in overall travel time.

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