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    I am moving from NYC to Phoenix, AZ at the end of the year and plan to make a road trip out of the relocation. My sister is going to fly out to New York to spend Christmas with me, and then the two of us are planning on driving to Phoenix together. As kids growing up, our family went on driving vacations, but I have never actually driven a long trip myself. I am looking for any tips or suggestions for how to plan this road trip. I really don't have much of an idea of where to start as far as routes, budget, lodgings, etc. I have about 7-10 days to spend on the trip, and a very tight budget. Our goal is to have an enjoyable, cheap trip full of memories. Can anyone help me figure out how to get this planned?

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    Welcome aboard the Great American RoadTrip Forums!

    Here are some excellent tips on budgeting and an article on how to plan a road trip. Personally, when planning a trip, I love to pin point on a map all cities, parks or attractions that appeal to me. Then I try to find the most logical route between the dots and find if there are any scenic roads in those areas. I rarely have more than 3 mandatory destinations (and I have hundreds of possible ones:o) because I like to have a certain liberty and I don't like when things are planned too tightly I like to go randomly from place to place, talk to locals, find where the cool spots are. But there are plenty of other methods that work great with other people. Some like to plan everything ahead, including hotel reservations, some like speed runs. I guess you make up your own road trip style as you go.

    Happy planning!

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    Obviously, weather is a consideration so you'll want to head in a southerly direction, at least as far as Knoxville, TN, before turning more westerly. That could put you through Memphis, and who knows where from there. The options are many and varied.

    Considering the time available, you could head to New Orleans from Knoxville, then hit Houston, San Antonio, etc. Or stay further north and go through the old Route 66 trail from Oklahoma City to Amarillo, Albuquerque, etc.

    There are lots of good things to see and do either way. You don't really have to plan at all, just throw a guidebook on the seat and start out. Read it as you go, or toss a coin when you hit a major intersection. In early January you won't have much competition for accommodations.

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