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    We plan to travel by car from Minnesota to Lake Havasu City Az.the last week in January of 2008 and return the first week in March.What would be the best route ,to avoid as much winter weather as possible??

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    Ya might want to consider making your way to US Highway 40 West in order to by-pass the Rocky Mountains/Continental divide. You'll just tickle the tail end of it.

    New Mexico around Gallup can be deluxe winter conditions, so perhaps at Roswell New Mexico consider I 70 dropping down Southwest bound to the I 60 then to the I 93 (AKA Ehrenberg Rd) North bound directly into to Lake Have-a-Brew Az.

    Excellent time to visit.
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    You can, of course, run into severe winter weather anywhere between Minnesota and Arizona at that time of year, so your best bet is to maintain a good bit of flexibility and be ready to change your route at the last minute depending on what Mother Nature has in store for you. One basic routes would be the one Ross and Alice suggested - down I-35 to Wichita, US-54 to Tucumcari, NM, and then I-40 (not US-40) across to Lake Havasu City. That's probably your best bet, but it can be closed for hours or days at a time if a storm roars down out of Canada. So if that's the case, a backup route a little farther north and through some mountains might be in order. Something like south on I-35 to Des Moines, west on I-80, take the I-76 cut-off to Denver and then I-70 through the Rockies to i-15 south in Utah, and finally use US-95 from Las Vegas to Lake Havasu City. The real point is to not lock yourself in to any 'best' route until you see where the weather is you might need to avoid.


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