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  1. Default new york to la first time trip !! please help!!

    Hi guys , im new to all this so please bear with me !
    ok flying from hear in the uk to jfk airport newyork pickin up the car and have 2 weeks in which to get to LA
    i need to stop in louisville and then little rock and after austin
    please any help and advise would be great !
    thanks very much


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    With such a bare bones description of your trip, about all we can offer is some generalities, but they should help get you started. With two weeks (more or less, depending on how long you have to spend in Louisville and Little Rock) you can make this a quite relaxed trip, taking the time to see a number of sights along the way. As a general route, I'd suggest that you leave New York on I-78 west to Harrisburg,PA then take I-81 south and I-64 west from Lexington, VA to Louisville. Highlights of this leg would include the Shenandoah Valley, Blue Ridge Mountains and the Blue Grass region of Kentucky.

    The next stretch would take you down I-65 to Nashville and then west on I-40 to Little Rock with possible stops at Mammoth Cave and to enjoy the music and night life of Nashville and Memphis. Finally, I-40 west would take you through the Ozarks and cowboy and Indian country into the desert southwest and Petroglyph National Monument, Petrified Forest National Park, and within easy detour distance of both the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas, before ending up in Los Angeles.

    Before we can offer you any more specific advice, we'd have to know what it is you want out of your trip and what your interests are. For basic planning help, start by checking out the RoadTrip Planning pages available at the click of the button above.


  3. Default re new york to la

    wow ! thanks thats a great help allready !
    ok we get into ny at 1 pm on wensday the 3rd of october and for a start have to give detail to the airline as to where we will be staying our first night there .... so any idea's on where to stay the first night would be cool we wont to have a very quick look at ny and get on our way , i was thinking about gettin 200 or 300 miles drive in that day on our way to louisville ?

    we will stay in little rock for 2 night may be 3 then its of to austin texas

    other than that the trip is wide open , we are all big music fans love live bands having a beer ect . but one guy takes photos for a living so he will want to check out as much cool stuff as poss

    the grand canyon is defo some where we would want to go and any where that sounds like its from a film !! we are all lads and love adventure , so any where you would recomend would be super cool

    allso im not sure on how to use the roadtrip planner ? is it going to be possible to actualy do and print the route from here taking in all the stops and sights ?

    i stumbled on this site by chance and i am so stoked i did , thank god you guys are here to help !!



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    Default Where you from?

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America forum!

    I think that, on arriving in New York, you're really gonna be suffering with jetlag and, by the time you've cleared immigration, picked up your car and got on the highway, it's likely to be 3pm at best. I really don't see you covering 200-300 miles that afternoon. Especially after a 'quick look round ny'

    If it were me I would probably be looking at a night or even two in NYC to find my feet before hitting the road. I'd probably take public transport into the city and pick the rental car up downtown as it is likely to be cheaper (and certainly easier) than picking it up at the airport. NYC is one place that I really wanna see sometime soon and, even though I've yet to visit, I know that seeing it in the space of a couple of hours is simply not going to happen.

    What is the agenda for the rest of the trip? What plans do you currently have for the route? How many of you are there (be sure to take the Roadtrip Compatibility Quiz!) and what do you all want to see/do? What are you interests? Do you have any 'must-see' destinations and what are your reasons for them being 'must-see'?

    You say you're all music fans, but what sort of music? There's the obvious destinations of Nashville, Memphis and New Orleans, is that your sort of thing? And, cool stuff for the snapper? There'll be no end of that, don't worry! See as many national parks as you can - you'll all love them and the snapper will be in heaven.
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