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    Default From the Deep South to the West Coast and back

    Good morrow to ya'll !!

    Our party consists of 4 Southern belles travelled on a budget heading out West for a class reunion in Southern California at the end of September. Along the way and back, we are planning some sight seeings, camping, roughing up a bit won't hurt us none. We are greatly appreciated all the advices from ya'll. So very glad to find this site !!! Thanks!!

    Here is the rought draft of what we want to see:

    1. Carlsbad Cavern
    2. Guadelupe NP
    3. San Diego
    4. L. A.
    5. Coastal route to San Francisco, Napa Valley
    6. Yosemite NP
    7. King Canyon - Sequoia NP
    8. Las Vegas
    9. Grand Canyon NP (south rims)
    10. Petrified Forest
    11. Mesa Verde NP
    12. Painted Desert
    13. Balloon Festival in Alberquerque

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    Default questions?

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    Those are all great places that would seem to work out pretty well for the trip, assuming you have the time and resources to hit all of them. Did you have any specific questions about your trip so far?

    If you are just looking for general tips, its hard to beat the advice already posted both in the Planning Section and the other threads throughout the Forum.

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    Default I'm Nosy

    This southern belle wants to know what part of the South y'all are from?

    Anyway - it looks like a well thought out trip if, as Michael pointed out, you have the time and resources.

    One suggestion. While in the Carlsbad/Guadalupe Mountains area I suggest hitting Roswell. It's a quarky yet beautiful town.

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    Thank you Michael for the warm welcome! Nope, right now I don't have any specific question about my trip, but I am sure I will have plenty once I plan out the trip in details. I was just looking for some side trips suggestions close by places that I've listed above.

    Howdy Laura!! Thank you for your suggestion. We are from a small town by the MS Gulf Coast called Long Beach. The homescape after the big K depressing us, so we thought to get out and see a bit of the wholesome undamaged countryside. We have about 3 weeks for exploration, by the way, starting from the last week of September going through the mid of October.

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    Default Oooh

    Long Trip time frame.

    Y'all should defintely be fine then, timewise.

    I've been through Long Beach, but it's been a long time ago. My sister just moved back from the Lake Charles/Sulphur area to North Louisiana. She said the same thing. She just needed to get away from the scenery that Rita left there.

    Coming back home. Why don't y'all swing back through Arkansas? It's a beautiful state to visit. Kind of transition yourselves slowly from mountains back to greenery on your way home.


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    Default Ah!

    Long Beach, MS, huh? I think I passed through there recently. Any idea what this sign in Gulfport is all about ? :)

    Your route look great but no interest in Death Valley? Apologies if you've already discounted it but it's a particular favourite of mine so I always fee compelled to 'big it up'! :)

    And, Arkansas? I agree with Laura, I liked Arkansas.

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    @ Laura ... Now that you've reminding me, I think I might swing by Hot Springs again, I've been there a while back, beautiful hilly country there. Thanks!

    @ UKCraig ... That's the sign on HWY49, there used to be 2 Hooter restaurants in the area, one located in Biloxi Beach that got washed away to sea by Katrina, one located here in your picture at Gulfport location which is still closed for repair as far as I know ... hmmm ... Death Valley is doable consider is on the way driving from Kings Canyon to Las Vegas, Thanks!

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    Default Arkansas

    Glad to hear you might have chance to swing by Death Valley. If you've not been, you have to go. If you have, you have to go again!!

    If you do make Arkansas, be sure to visit the Anthony Chapel at the Garvan Woodland Gardens (IIRC it's less than five miles from Hot Springs NP) read my thoughts here (day six) - it's a 'must-see' in my opinion.

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    Default Semi-final plan

    Hello again to all!

    After much careful consideration and checking out several thread in this here forum, here is my semi-final plan for the trip out West, these are the stops and breaks

    1. From the MS Gulf Coast to Houston
    2. To San Antonio
    3. To Carlsbad Caverns NP, via Roswell
    4. To Tucson, AZ
    5. To San Diego - longer break
    6. To OC/LA - longer beak
    7. Follow the Pacific Coast up to Big Sur
    8. To San Francisco - longer break
    9. To Death Valley via Yosemite/Tioga Pass
    10. To Sin City - longer break
    11. To Grand Canyon NP
    12. To Amarillo, TX
    13. To Hot Springs, AR
    14. Homeward bound via Vicksburg, Natchez ....

    Westward bound would be mostly by I-10
    Homeward bound would be by I-40

    Here are my inquiries:

    1. Hostels in California. I've never stayed in one, but in one of my road trips, a passerby recommended to stay in one of those lighthouse hostels on the coast of California?

    2. Camping facilities, should I made reservations before starting the trips?

    3. Go with the flow attitude ... As far as lodging goes, should I made reservations ahead? I don't know how long I would stay at each stops though, therefore, reservations would constrict me??

    I am welcoming all the helps and ideas that I can get, thanks!!

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