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    three friends and i are planning to drive from san diego to frisco via las vegas in october. two are getting married next year so this could be their last trip with the boy's, so i want to make it a good one for those condemed souls! would love to hear any suggestions on routes or sights worth seeing, also does anyone know where we can hire a couple of 67-69 mustangs for the two week trip, hertz do new ones but it,s $2500, money that could be put to better use in a bar!!
    I'm open to any ideas, all we've booked is the flights!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think there is probably a specialty rental company or two in the LA area that might have the classic cars you are looking for, however, I would suspect that if you think the cost for renting a new mustang is high, the cost of renting a classic one would be astronomical.

    I just did a quick internet search and all the prices I saw were $300-500 per day, plus high additional per mile charges.

    You didn't say your age, but its also very unlikely you'd be able to rent any sports car unless you are at least 25.

    If you want more of your money to go into quality liquor, then I think you'll have to go with a more standard car.

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