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  1. Default Portland, Oregon to Columbus, Ohio in 4 days?

    Hi, I will be moving from Portland to Columbus in early August. Do you think it's safe to drive it in 4 days for the driver and the car? My car is a 99' Ford Escort with 51,000 miles on it. I probably won't be stopping too much along the way since I need to get there before August 8th. Oh, and the car doesn't have air-conditioning, so I figure the quicker I get this over with the more bearable would be the heat.

    I will be taking the I-84 from Portland to Utah, and then switch to I-80 for the rest of the way. Any general tips for the route?


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    The trip is around 2500 miles, so 4 days would be possible, but it would be a little faster than we'd recommend. If you are doing this as a solo driver, you really would be on the edge of what is safe and feasable.

    At this pace, you'll need to be on the road for about 11 hours a day, which will likely start to feel like work especially without AC. Make sure to follow our tips for speed runs and if getting there by the 8th is absolutely critical, I would leave at least a day earlier just in case you run into an unforseen problem on the road.

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