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    I'm currently looking to get a way for a week with my wife to celebrate turning 40 next June (leaving the kids at home) and was ideally thinking about a short road trip. Is it possible to travel from San Francisco to Los Angeles, on to Las Vega, maybe take in the Grand Canyon and fly out via Los Angeles. It looks about 1500 miles, so possible but maybe totally impractical, if I take out the Grand Canyon leg it's more like 1000 miles. Can anyone suggest a suitable Itinerary.

    Thanks in advance.



    PS - If it makes a difference I looking to stay in Hilton group hotels - already too many nights away from home!!

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    1800 miles is not all that impractical for a week's RoadTrip. It would leave you driving around half the time, but it would be through spectacular country and still with a few days to spread amongst the Canyon, Las Vegas, Death Valley and Yosemite. If you are looking for a more relaxed version of the same basic trip, I'd leave out Los Angeles and Yosemite and just concentrate on San Francisco and Las Vegas for my urban portion, and the Grand Canyon and the Mojave National Preserve for some natural wonders. Unfortunately (or fortunately if you want an excuse to see the American Southwest) the one 'must-see' on such a trip, the Grand Canyon is at the far end of your trip, so that pretty much dictates the length of it. It's just a matter of how much you try to cram in along the way.


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