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    planning a harley ride to new england from west michigan and would like some opinions-first the lake erie ohio coastal trail and the seaway trail in new york-are these nice rides or traffic nightmares-I could take the canadian route from detroit to montreal-I only have 2 days for this leg-then once in maine
    heading south through ver-nh-mass-ri-conn....this leg only lasting 3-4 days....rides in this leg include kancamagus hwy in NH.....state route 169 in conn=merrit pkwy in conn and green mtns in vermont-does anyone have a good 3-4 day itinery theyve used riding through ne including good scenic rides Ive missed or does this sound decent

    sounds like the southern coast of maine should be included...thanks
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    Sounds like a decent ride - the Merritt Parkway can be heavily trafficked at times, as it is a major artery for non-commercial vehicles traveling into NYC, so you will want to keep that in mind.

    What route were you planning on taking getting through Massachusetts?

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    from my info gathered on mass these were recommended rides...
    mount greylock and the mohawk trail
    jacobs ladder trail
    the berkshires
    minuteman route-route 2 & 4 to lexington-route 2a to concord
    and route 6 and 6a to cape cod...
    I cant do all of these and Im looking for good roads and scenery so if you wanna rate them that would be cool...thanks

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