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  1. Default Completely Clueless on where to begin. Chicago to San Fransico.

    Hello everyone... I don't even know where to begin.

    I need to plan a trip from the chicago area to the san deigo area. A huge cross country trip... I have absolutely no experience in this sort of thing. I need to get across the country as fast as possible, probobly with no stops. A freind and I intend to take shifts sleeping to move as fast as possible.

    I know this is incredibly dangerous, taxing on the body, and downright stupid, but I need to be across the country by the middle of august, have very little money ( I'll probobly need to plan around 600 dollars for gas, food, ect.) If I'm not across the country by august my family will think I'm a deadbeat, cut me off from support, I wont have a home or a way to go to school, basicly I'll become a bum.

    So, whats the best way to get across the country? What are some good saftey tips? Is there a good place to plan a general route? Where do I even begin? My life rests in your hands.

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    Default it is not that hard a task!

    Quote Originally Posted by Subtle View Post
    I need to plan a trip from the chicago area to the san deigo area.
    The title of this thread would suggest that your destination is San Francisco(?) But I guess you are really headed to San Diego? Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum. By the fastest route, it is about 2146 miles (Bascially, I-80 to I-15) It is a little shorter going through Colorado but it is fastest through Salt Lake City. It will take you about 37 hours to cover this distance. It would be alot safer and smarter to break this into three 12+ hour days! Read these tips for conducting a safe speed run! Use this fuel cost calculator for estimating fuel costs and read this thread about budgeting.


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    Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it. The trip is to San Deigo, sorry. I'm rather flustered right now.


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