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    Planning Road Trip To Amarillo Texas From Northern Nj Would Like To Stop In Branson Mo, Independence Ks. Need Info On Other Places To See On Route. Trip Will Be The First Two Weeks Of Oct,

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    In order for us to help you, a few questions are in order:

    What are the types of things you are interested in seeing?
    Are there any types of situations or places that you'd rather not be in?
    Are you looking for city attractions, natural wonders, or anything in between?

    If you follow one of the quicker routes, this will lead you through Indianapolis, IN and St. Louis, MO. Those two links give some good intel about what to do in those cities.

    Did you happen to have a route in mind at this point, both for the trip out and the way back?

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    I just drove from Shreveport, LA to Springfield, MO today (not far from Branson) mostly via Highway 71 through Arkansas. It was a gorgeous trip. First two weeks in Oct will be too early to many leaves changing, but some might be starting and either way, the Ozarks are beyond gorgeous. I also really enjoyed Fort Smith, AR. I did't get to do a lot due to time constraints but had a blast in the two hours I was there.


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