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    Default Help Wanted! LA to DC, not too much time

    Hi, I'm planning on driving from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. in July, but I don't have much figured out beyond that. My rough idea is to go to Las Vegas, then Denver, then Chicago, then Detroit and then D.C (with two or three drivers). I'd like to do it in less than a week, but still take some time to see a few sites along the way - is that crazy? National parks, giant balls of twine, good pancakes, stuff like that. Any suggestions on routes or timing or really any advice... Thanks!

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    Default You've Already Got a Great Start

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    If by less than a week, you mean 6 days, then you are still in relatively good shape. You'll have to cover, on average, 475 miles, which should still leave a few hours for sight-seeing each day and a good night's sleep. The later is more important, but you will be going right by Zion National Park and Arches National Park in Utah and probably close enough to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado that you should get a National Parks Pass and pay at least a brief visit to all of them. Even if you don't, the drive over the San Rafael Swell and through the Rockies will be breathtaking. You'll be crossing the plains through Nebraska and Iowa, two grossly underrated states. Finally find a little time for a visit to the shore of at least one of the Great Lakes as you pass by. Your best opportunities are Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore and Kellys Island, OH.


  3. Default Pittsburgh area

    Looks like your route should take you by may want to visit Primanti Brothers for lunch (or dinner).

    If you like architecture, you will also be going close to the Frank Lloyd Wrigth house "Falling Water"
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    That's a great idea, thanks! I'm from Oak Park, IL, so I've seen a lot of Frank Llloyd Wright, but I've always wanted to see Falling Waters.

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