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    Default Atlanta to San Diego this July


    My mate and I are planning a road trip across the country from Atlanta to San Diego. We're planning on leaving around late July. We're not really sure how to plan this, since we've never done anything like it before, but we do want to stop in New Orleans and the Grand Canyon.

    What kind of advice/ideas/pointers can you give us? I know there are tons of different places and routes we can take. We are on a pretty low budget (we're planning on sleeping in the car), and we prefer the scenic places to the expensive tourist trap type places.

    I'm new to this forum. It looks like a great resource. Thanks for whatever help y'all can provide!

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    Default Lots out there

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    Well you are right there are a million possibilities, so it will help to identify your timetable. New Orleans and the Grand Canyon will require you to zig zag a bit anyway, so a time frame will help you identify how much of the extra stuff you'll really have time to enjoy.

    As another note, Personally I would look at camping instead of just sleeping in the car. While two people can get by sleeping in a car, I personally find that when you are already spending most of your day inside a car, I find just being outside of the car during the night helps to be more rested for the next day. Of course, others might not agree with me, but I've always found the $15-20 that you spend on a basic primative campsite is well worth the money

    Otherwise, check out the Planning Section for more basic tips to help you get started.

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