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  1. Default Should I consider Renting a Car???

    I have a Lexus RX 330 that is a gas hog - but very comfortable. I am also off the prefferred insurance list since I had 2 accidents and 1 ticket in the past 3 yrs.

    I want to take a roadtrip with my 2 kids, ages 11 and 13 from Oregon to California. Do you think it would be cost effective to rent a car to get better gas mileage and "their insurance" - in case anything weird happens.

    What are your thoughts. Would I end up saving money and reducing my risks?

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    Default You need to speak with your insurance agent

    Quote Originally Posted by CaliforniaDreamer View Post
    What are your thoughts. Would I end up saving money and reducing my risks?
    I don't see any way that you would save money this way. But you really need to speak with your insurance agent.


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    Default No cost savings, imho

    What you save on gas will be more than eaten-up in the car rental fees. Especially if you are planning on using their high-cost daily insurance.

    I would sure check around to see if this is true or not...but I don't think it will matter what insurance you have or car you're driving if you have an accident and/or a ticket. I always thought those just went on your driving record compiled by your state of residence and that your insurance company checks those records and adjusts your premium accordingly. I don't think driving a different car and using different insurance will shield you from anything. But I could be wrong.

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