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    I am about to walk out the door to go on a cross country road trip. I was wondering what was a better route from West Palm Beach to Phoenix. I was going to take i10 through Houston, San Antonio and El Paso to Phoenix. But I saw you could also take the route through Dallas and head through Roswell and the White Sands I believe thats i20. Does anyone know what is the better route to take? What are the pros and cons betwen both routes? Should I take one going there and the other for the way back?

    Please reply soon as today I am leaving.

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    Quote Originally Posted by djtroy View Post
    I am about to walk out the door to go on a cross country road trip.
    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    Wow - talk about cutting it close to the wire!
    I-20 actually merges into I-10 in Texas - I think, given your late start, you would be better served by following I-10 on the way out, and searching for an alternative route for your way back.

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    Default stay out of Dalls for now!

    TAKE I-10!!!!!! We have been having lots and lots of thunderstorms in Dallas. Some are just rain but most have included strong straight line winds, tornadoes and hail! And we are due for more in the next few days. I think the storms have been staying to the north so you shouldnt have too much trouble taking I-10. But I would check the weather reports anyway!!!

    Houston is crowded but you can probably get through town without too much trouble. And then you get to stop in San Antonio as well. The hill country is a beatiful drive.

    Traffic in Dallas/Fort Worth won't be too bad either as long as you stick to I-20. But once you leave town there really isn't much to see.

    Are you driving back to Florida too? I would take I-20 on the way back for a change of scenery. I did a very rough estimate and I think it is only about 100 miles longer or so to go this way.

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    Oh this is great info. i will stick to I10 for the ride there and look into taking i20 back. A change of scenery would be very nice considering its so far. I am worried about the border patrol check point just before El PAso. Anyone know anything about this. I am Canadaian and dont really need to be going through too much questions. I have a florida licence and social security card so im legit but still makes me nervous. Do they check id's and let you go or is it a cavity search type deal?
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    Default el paso

    I don't remeber any kind of border patrol check the last time I went through El Paso. But maybe things have changed since 9-11.

    I wouldn't worry. Be sure to have your identification. Drivers license and social security card should be fine. You might think about also packing your passport from Canada.

    Usually the patrol checks within the US borders are only checking to see that you are not smuggling anyone into the US. They may check your ID and peak into your car, especially if it is packed (someone could be hiding under your bags, etc).

    But you are not going into Mexico so you shouldn't have anything to worry about.

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