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    I graduate college in june and would like to spend most of that month on a road trip to Cali and back again. We want to kinda do a car camping trip and bring the dog, he's a Lab. I've also never been farther west than Indiana, so we want to take our time and make the most of it. Our plan so far is to go west through the north hitting South Dakota, go to the Oregon, drive the entire way down the coast, stop in Arizona, then Colorado, Texas, Then onto the east coast, then up back to NYC where we live. I was just woundering then if anyone had been on a drive like this and had any sample maps of East-West-East drives they could share. or any places we shouldnt miss. We're also those people who love hard to get to places, that are out of the way but really worth it (if that makes sence). Any help would be great. Thanks
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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I don't know about maps, but this forum is filled with the trips, ideas, and experiences of others. If you look around a bit, I'm sure you'll find lots of ideas to help you plot your own path.

    Its a huge country, and there's no way that even on a forum like this, where there is information about hundreds if not thousands of hidden gems that you'd ever be able to list them all. Plotting your own route and finding your own out of the way places is what can make the roadtrip such a unique adventure.

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    Between the information you can gather on this forum and just looking at a map and choosing something that looks interesting, you can piece together an eventful trip.

    I find hopping off the Interstates West of the Ohio River to be rewarding. A lot of old railroad towns that still have some hidden surprises, even if they are not gleaming like they once were. Usually you can drive by a place and notice something that makes you ask "what is that?" and that in turn becomes a learning experience.

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    Hey fellow new yorker!
    first up, I found this map this mapwhen I was hunting around the net. It's scraggly, but gives you a rough map destination estimation. The better thing would be to buy a road atlas, it won't let you down! There's a bunch recommended in the map section.
    I did that route, and I see you're thinking about a month, which is a good enough time to do it in. And you like hard to get out-of-the-way huh? Do you like science?- check out The Very Large Array... think Contact :) There's supposed to be a ghost town around there too.
    Another out-of-the-way is Havasu Falls which is absolutely beautiful! Incredible waterfalls and you could only get to the sites by hiking.

    By the way, who is 'we'?

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    Default This map touches every state in the lower 48

    Quote Originally Posted by tristanmaol View Post
    had any sample maps of East-West-East drives they could share.
    We feature a number of road trips taken by a variety of correspondents in the Travelogue section. One of these was a route developed by the Quest-4 team and remains one of the best sample maps for East-West-East drives I know of. Click on "Our Journey" to view the map!

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