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    Default Dallas/Fort Worth to Marfa

    My parents are planning a trip this May from Fort Worth to Marfa.

    What is the best way to get there? How long should it take? What are some interesting things to see along the way.

    They are up for backroads or the interstate. And they would like the trip there to be different than the trip home. I am more familiar with the hill country and parts of west Texas than they are and I have given them some suggestions. But I know someone out there will also have some great ideas of things I am not familar with.


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    Default Sounds Like a Nice Day's Drive

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    Fort Worth to Marfa is right around 500 miles. It is pretty much a straight shot west on I-20 to Monahans, then TX-18 south to Fort Stockton, a short jog west on I-10 and then US-67 the rest of the way into Marfa. So you've already got a bit of a mix of Interstates and US highways, but it's a bit heavy on the Interstates. You're probably looking at around 9 hours when you factor in various necessary stops.

    As for things to see along the way, there's the Buffalo Gap Historic Village in Abilene, Monahans Sandhills State Park in Monahans, and Fort Davis National Historic Site. Although the last of these is not on your way, it is just north of Marfa in Fort Davis.


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    Default Speaking of Monahans....

    I don't know if Carolyn Cook is still the curator/host of the Million Barrel Museum, but she is a font of local news. If you go, be sure to ask about the curious building material that was used to construct all of the older buildings in Monahans.


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