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    Hubby and I planning a trip from Portland Oregon to Portland Maine, just for the fun of it. We have unlimited time and limited budget.. My biggest concern is food. We will rotate tent camping with motels and boondocking. Neither one of us eats fast food and want to find fresh produce and healthy eats. Any suggestions on how to find off highway local eateries? farmers markets etc..? Thanks in advance

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    I most commonly stop at whatever looks most convenient.

    One myth is that stopping where the trucks (or cop cars) are will get you great food -- but all that means is that service is probably fast, which is their most important consideration. Mine too, quite often. And sometimes, the food IS good -- always a plus. ;)

    That said, I have at times had good luck asking locals where they would go for a special meal. I found Scoma's at San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf this way -- as well as several of my other favorite places along the highways.

    You'll probably get some great ideas from the posters on this board -- but in those places where you draw a blank, give it a try. Bob

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    What I've found works best for me in finding restaurants is to get away from the Interstates and head into towns with populations in the 5,000 to 10,000 range and just cruise the main street. You can usually tell what are the good eateries from their cleanliness and whether they seem to be busy. These will be the places where the locals eat and they've had time to check out everything that's available.

    As for farmer's markets, most state agriculture departments maintain lists of such gatherings that will tell you where and when they meet. I have no trouble at all finding them with a simple web search looking for the terms - state farmers markets.


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    Local Harvest is a good website that should give you at least the major places to look for.

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