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    What is the quickest, safest route between Boston and St. Louis?

    My family is planning a cross-country trip (not until summer of 2008). We'll be visiting relatives in St. Louis and see that city as the real starting off point for our trek West. We want to get there as quickly as possible.

    How long will it take? Will we have to stop one night or two on the way there? (My children will be 12 and 16).

    Any recommendations for motels/hotels along the way?


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    Having spoken with a former professional truck driver about "quickest routes" in the past - he stated there really wasn't too much difference, time wise, between heading West on I-90 or Heading down to join up with I-80 in New Jersey and heading West from there, cutting down on I-71 from Cleveland and then onto I-70.

    If you choose to hook up with I-80, I recommend avoiding NYC by taking I-287 off from I-84 or the Merritt Parkway. One bonus of I-80 is driving by the Delaware Water Gap and Kittatinny Mountain, which is quite impressive.

    Depending on how well adjusted to traveling long distances, one stop could be sufficient for this roughly 1200 mile trip. Halfway would put you around Akron/Cleveland area.

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