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    I'm planning to visit Marfa, TX and Big Bend in September. My options are either to fly into El Paso or Midland. Which has the best drive to Marfa? Is El Paso worth seeing?

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    El Paso and Midland are essentially equidistant from Marfa. Slightly more of the drive is on Interstate coming from El Paso, and I would be very surprised if El Paso didn't have better, i.e. cheaper and more frequent, flights. El Paso also offers its proximity to its next door neighbor, Ciudad Juárez, if you have a passport or a certified copy of your birth certificate.


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    Any ideas as to which route has better scenery?

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    Here's a brochure describing what's available. Note that your route would pretty much follow the Texas Mountain Trail of the Texas Heritage Trails Program.


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    thanks, that brochure will be very helpful. Even though it is a slightly longer flight, I think El Paso is the way to go.

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