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    Hi Everyone, can anyone recommend a good route to drive from Chicago to Boston in July for a duration of 8 days, the trip is a one way trip? Would like to go up through MI first along that route or is this not the way to go? Sorry not to familiar with the US as we are Aussies.
    Any advise would be welcomed.


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    I'd recommend taking the route through Canada. Take I-94 to Michigan, and cross at either Detroit or Port Huron (I-69), and drive through Ontario. You can cross back into the US right at Niagara Falls and take I-90 the rest of the way to Boston.

    Or if you don't want to visit Canada, you can just take I-90 the entire trip, going south of the Great Lakes through Cleveland.

    The total travel time shouldn't be that much different between the two options.

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    I've made the trip from NYC to Michigan several times and in my opinion you may want to avoid Ohio. I found driving through there somewhat tedious, especially after the hills and beautiful views of Pennsylvania and upstate NY.

    So, if you have your passport, I HIGHLY recommend the Canada trip.

    If you're looking for a very senic route (add about 2 days to your trip) go north through WI and take one of the ferries across Lake Michigan. You'll have to do a bit more research and make reservations.
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    Default It Depends

    The key to this trip is that you have eight days for a one-way drive that can be done comfortably (including the side trip through Canada) in as little as two. What can you do with eight days?

    See all 5 Great Lakes
    Take ferry rides
    Explore caves
    Take wonderful scenic drives
    Visit Amish country
    Hike in the woods
    See waterfalls
    Enjoy small town New England

    So the question is not so much how to get from Chicago to Boston. As you've seen, there is certainly more than one choice. But what do you want to do along the way?


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