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    Mid May my husband, myself and our two year old will be driving from Richmond, VA to Helen, GA. We are going to split the trip there up in two days due to our son.

    I've never been to GA or SC. I'm not really all that interested in doing anything in NC though, been there plenty.

    Ideas for places/things to see are most appreciated!

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    We are going to split the trip there up in two days due to our son.
    That's a good idea when traveling with such a young'un. That givfes you an average of four hours a day to drive (if I am correct and Helen, GA is in the Northern part of the state) - a great pace that will allow you to take in the sights, or, to take a little longer each day, to head on over to the back roads along the way.

    I've not been to that neck of the woods, but some of the things that interest me are the Wild & Scenic Chattooga River (aka Deliverance river) and any number of mountain roads. Keep in mind that these can add significant time to the trip.

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    I, too, think you're absolutely right to spread this trip over two days. Your son will be just as happy playing in a small town playground as visiting the most spectacular natural attraction, so you might want to just look for some quieter places along the way, where all of you might enjoy some relaxing time out of the car. For my money, this describes many of the state parks you're going to be passing as you head down I-85 through North Carolina, including Kerr Lake State Recreation Area, Falls Lake State Park, and Crowders Mountain State Park.

    Once in South Carolina, there is a great alternative to I-85, and that is the Cherokee Foothills Scenic Byway which basically follows SC-11 past Cowpens National Battlefield, Jones Gap State Park, Caesars Head State Park, Devils Fork State Park, and the only covered bridge in South Carolina. Near the end of the Scenic Byway, at Westminster, SC, take US-76, US-123, GA-115 and GA-17 into Helen. These would all be some of the 'back roads' that Tim mentioned.

    Should be a great drive.



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