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    Hi there,
    My boyfriend and I are planning a month-long camper trip across the US to conclude a world tour in 2008. We are thinking east coast (New York?) to west coast (Los Angeles?).
    Just wondering:
    a) when is the best time of the year to go (have heard all sorts of stories about blizzards, tornadoes and stinking hot weather!)?
    b) what are some must-sees, places to visit etc along the way?
    c) any other tips for a couple of Aussies who will probably be quite broke by then!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Simply put, the best time to go on a cross country roadtrip is whenever you can! Yes, there are certainly risks and the potential of weather no matter when you go. In the winter, its impossible to avoid the chance of seeing a snowstorm. In the spring, there is a risk of Flooding in much of the US. Summer brings Heat, Humidity, and the chance of Tornados in middle america. Late Summer and into fall brings Hurricane season to the east and gulf coast, and the chance of wildfires out west. Of course, all of those things are just part of life in the US, and they really can't be avoided.

    Now having said that, if I could pick one single time for a cross country trip, it would probably be September or October. The major tourist season is over, and temps are cooling but are still comfortable across most of the country. But like I said, there are pluses and minus to travel at any time of the year.

    As far as being broke, travel is never cheap, but you can read this article to find some ideas to save money on the road. You might also consider buying a tent and other camping equiptment. Renting a camper will not be cheap, and going with a car camping route will likely save you some money.


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