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  1. Default Atlanta to Seattle - Moving end of Jan

    Hello everyone,

    I've read through many of the threads but realize we still need help on our move from Atlanta to Seattle later this month.

    My husband will be driving a 22ft moving truck, towing his car, and I will be following behind in mine (not a 4wd vehicle). Neither of us are experienced winter weather drivers. We are leaving on a Sunday and need to arrive/unpack on Thursday.

    We understand there isn't perfect route this time of year but are hoping for the least eventful one. Our plan is to go south, then up through California. We were originally thinking I-20 to El Paso to I-10 to I-5 to avoid as much snow/ice as possible. Friends have suggested I-40 as a more all-weather highway. (If so, I'm not sure the best state to pick it up.) Our friends have also warned us to avoid the Grapevine above LA on I-5, especially towing a car. (Trying to figure that out too.)

    At this point my heads spinning a bit and my collection of trip tix is growing. We don't own snow chains and would only buy them on the road if needed. (Feasible?)

    Thanks in advance for you help ~ if only it was summer

  2. Default Direct Route

    I would take the most direct interstate route. Your plan to go south adds a day and a half and many miles to your journey -- and doesn't guarantee dry roads. Check the weather just before you go -- you can start seeing the possibilities 4 or 5 days ahead. Then, if conditions are good, go up through St Louis and pick up I-90 at Sioux Falls. Keep your other options as back-up and be prepared to adjust if the weather DOES go bad.

    As far as chains, I haven't carried them in my vehicle (other than as a pro truck driver) since I was 20ish (35 years ago). I've never needed them.

    If you are worried about that, then buy them ahead of time. You won't know you need them until you are in the middle of nowhere, and once there and needed, there won't be a place to buy them or if there is, they will be sold out because 3,000 other travelers will ALSO be looking for them at the same time you are.

    Also, learn to put them on correctly before you leave. This is not something you want to be a novice at in the snow and ice along a highway. Like I was (Rogers Pass, MT, September 1978). My opinion, for what it is worth. Bob

  3. Default St Louis to I-90

    Thanks Bob.

    Good idea to at keep the direct route as an option. In the end I have to make sure the one driving the truck is the most comfortable but I'll watch for condition updates that way.

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    Default You do not have time to take I-40!

    Quote Originally Posted by chabby View Post
    My husband will be driving a 22ft moving truck, towing his car, and I will be following behind in mine (not a 4wd vehicle). Neither of us are experienced winter weather drivers. We are leaving on a Sunday and need to arrive/unpack on Thursday.
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! For every such move, winter or summer, you need to consider taking the shortest possible route. And with the heavy winter weather in California at the moment, you want to bypass those west coast/arctic storms as much as possible.

    The shortest possible route is still 2700 miles and since your husband will be driving a 22-foot moving truck, the fastest average speed you can hope to achieve over a day's travel will be 50 mph (This assumes that you will be driving at least 65 mph whenever possible). Which means it will take you four full days traveling at least 13 hours each day. If you were to attempt to add a large "L" by driving west on I-40 and then north on I-5 it will easily add an entire day or more to the trip!

    You have to choose your route no more than 24 hours away from departure and choose the best (least-weather affected) route. But looking at it now, I would urge you to consider following as close a diagonal route as you can. Basically going through Kansas City, Wyoming, Salt Lake and up.

    Buy chains now! Learn how to install them in your driveway. Do not wait until you have no alternatives. Read our tips about winter driving and get extra rest and sleep for the 2-3 days before your departure.


  5. Default I don't have time to take I-40?

    Ok. Seeing your time table is helping us to be more practical. We're looking at the diagonal route and purchasing chains in advance.

    We saw that Google maps the same path you described. Any highways/connections we need to avoid or watch most carefully?

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