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  1. Default Chosing I-65 or I-75. Help please

    Hi everyone!

    New here so thanks in advance for any advice! I am leaving in a few days for a drive from Toronto Canada to Florida (panhandle). Trying to decide if I should use I-65 or I-75 on the way down. Both would be about the same distance in kms (about 2100).

    Any tips would sure be great!!



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    Default It All Depends...

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    ...on where you're going on the panhandle and what your preference is for driving. I-75 offers a pretty straight shot from Detroit in down to Tallahassee while I-65 would be the choice if you were headed farther west, say around Pensacola. I-71, US-11, and I-85 offer convenient connections between the two. If it were me, I'd avoid Atlanta if at all possible, but otherwise I'd give a slight edge to I-75 for scenery and ease of use.


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    Default What part of the Handle?

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    Personally, I would take I-75 at least as far as Chattanooga. From there it would depend upon where in the Panhandle your are going.

    If its around Tallahasse, I'd stay on I-75.

    If you're heading towards Pensacola, I'd cut over on I-59, picking up I-65 in Birmingham.

    And If you are heading towards the middle, say Panama City, I'd follow same directions to I-65, except I would cut down US-231 at Montgomery, AL. While its not an interstate, its quite a bit more direct and would probably take less time than the other options.

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    We're headed to Cape San Blas, near Port St Joe.

    I think we will go the 65 route and cut down 231 like you suggested.


  5. Default Like other posters said

    Unless you just are terribly interested in travelling new territory along I-65 or are terribly interested in the most direct route...

    I-74 to Chattanooga is much more scenic. From there you would add an hour to your trip cutting over to I-65 at Birmingham(As opposed to travelling all the way on I65.

    Definitely take the 231 route from Montgomery. It is much more direct and much more scenic. It goes through some small old sothern towns such as Dothan, Alabama that have picturesque antibellum homes off to the sides of the road with a little spanish moss and live oak to boot. Plus there are some fuit and peanut stands off to the side of the road that will help you get the feel for your trip. Indian River Oranges ought to be coming in.

    A few good barbecue joints on this route as well.

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