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    I'm planning on taking a road trip during July of 2007. I live in Connecticut and will be driving across the country to San Francisco. The only problem I've encountered with this plan is that I will only be 17 years old and unable to check in to most hotels. Any suggestions on how I can have a great time without worrying about whether or not I'm old enough?

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Have you considered camping for this trip? I've never come across a public campground that checks for age, so that could be one good option. Getting a credit card can be difficult at your age, but if you can get one for your trip it will make finding a motel easier. Some places won't check age, as long as you have a credit card that can be held for a deposit.

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    I second the camping option - you really should be fine going that route, and it's cheaper, too.

    Just some questions and general advice:

    Is this going to be a one-way trip or a round-trip?
    What route are you planning on taking?
    How much time are you allocating for this trip?
    Have you set up an overall plan of your trip (emergency contacts, letting someone know your itinerary, etc.)?
    You'll want to get all of this squared away before you set out across the country.

    Have you spent that much time at a stretch behind the wheel yet? I think if you take some shorter trips around the CT area, you'll have a better feel of what to expect out there on the road.

    All that said - have a really great time!


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