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    Gooday everybody, my wife (Australian) and I (South African) are looking to travel around North America for 2 months, I know this is a road trip forum but we are planning to fly a few legs, and then to hire a car and drive the west coast for a month. I apologise for straying from the forum of driving but just thought I would get some valued input. Does anyone recommend or approve this route for a two month holiday across the USA?
    Fly into New York for 4/5 days there.
    Train it up to Boston for 2/3 days.
    Fly to Washington DC for 2/3 days.
    Fly to Orlando for 3/4
    Fly to Texas...(southern Texas and the beaches) for 7/10 days
    Fly to Las Vegas for 2/3 days
    Hire a car for the start of the 6 week road trip all the way up to Seattle via Colorado and San Diego
    Drive up from San Diego to Seattle over 4 weeks.
    Can anyone recommend places to stop along the way etc any advice or points welcome?

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Have you looked into the cost of flying all of those legs? My guess is that flying that much could be very expensive. If that is at all a concern for you, then I'd probably look into taking the train from Boston to DC (with high speed rail on that leg, the travel time shouldn't be that long.) I might also opt to skip South Texas and instead spend some more time on the beach in Florida.

    For the western leg of your trip, 4 weeks should give you enough time, but I might think about flying into and renting a car in Denver instead and then stopping in Las Vegas on your drive west. That would eliminate some of the backtracking you'd have to do to start in Vegas and head to Colorado before working your way back to the west coast.


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