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    Default Route through Death Valley


    Our trip is just 4 weeks away now and we're starting to think about various routes along the way.

    One of the most important is our Death Valley leg.

    We had planned on overnighting in Bishop, then heading to the valley first on the 395 then the 190. Would this be a good way to go?

    Also, is Badwater Rd a good road to travel?....Suitable for a rental Ford Focus?

    Once we're done in the Valley we'll be heading to Vegas, possibly through Pahrump, but I'm really not familiar with routes in this region.

    I know that our esteemed Editor is the all seeing eye when it comes to this stuff, so I was hoping he'll be able to advise me.


  2. Default Yes Badwater road is a good road

    I did Death Valley this spring, including Badwater Road from Furnace Creek out of the park (towoards Baker, eventually). It's a good quality 2 lane paved road. I wouldn't take it at 70 miles per hour, but then I'm a fairly cautious driver -- in some sections people were easily doing that.

    You may consider taking some short good quality unpaved roads as side trips off Badwater-- Artist's Palette and Devils Gold Course. Those roads are unpaved, but in pretty good shape -- graded without soft spots, but more bumpy than paved. Just take it slower on them, and you should be fine. I saw standard sedans and compacts being driven on these roads in April without any problems.

    Of course, I'd check road conditions at the Visitor's Center -- in the past there have been flash flooding that has put debris on Badwater road -- but other than an unusual event it should be fine.

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    Thanks so much for that Larrison.

    I'm really excited because it's been 4 years since our last trip and I just want to get a few things straight in my mind before we go. We never plan anything concrete or reserve anything beyond the first night (justa place to crash after the transatlantic flight) so that everything can remain fluid, but I'd hate to think that we'd be taking completely the wrong route in a place as important as Death Valley.

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