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    Default Durango to Silverton

    Mildly contemplating a trip to Durango in mid-October. We have been in Durango several times during the summer months but never later than August.

    Can you tell me if early winter storms occur very often at that time of the year in that area? If we go, we would also llike to make a return trip to Silverton via the narrow gauge railway. This brings up another question. Can you depart on the early train and return to Durango on the last train of the day or do you have to return on the same train on which you rode to Silverton? Would like to spend more time in Silverton than the two hours allotted between arrival and departure of the same train.

    Many thanks for any information.

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    I asked my future wife for advice on this one. She lived in Durango for 4 years, so this should be about as reliable as you can get.

    I'm told Winter Storms along the route would be pretty rare in mid-october. Some snowfall wouldn't be unheard of, but if you did see any, it probably would be pretty minor.

    As far as the train goes, you can take any train back that you'd like, just let them know what your plans are. If you want to save a little money, you can also take a coach bus one direction of the trip.

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    Default Durango to Silverton

    Thanks for the reply Michael. And thank your wife for the likelihood (or lack thereof) of our running into early winter weather.

    We tried the bus trip back from Silverton one time. The driver looked around too much for my liking, especially on that road. He must have been good though since we made it back safely.

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