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    Default Moving from Detroit Area to Las Vegas. Advice needed please.

    After some research in this wonderful forum I've decided to make my first post. I've narrowed it down to a couple of routes, however, I am open to suggestions. I am moving to Las Vegas from the Metro Detroit, MI area the first week of September. I will be driving a hummer H2 and am going to be pulling a 6' x 12' trailer loaded to the max. Three of my family members will be along for the ride who are all capable drivers.

    My goal is to have fairly scenic route, but we are pressed for time (3-4 days). Also, my concern is the mountain driving with pulling such a heavy load.

    My two routes are:
    1) - Detroit to Chicago 94W
    - 80W to 76W thru Denver
    - 70W to 15S to Vegas


    which seems like a much flatter route
    2) - Detroit to Chicago 94W
    - 55S to St. Louis
    - 44W to Oklahoma City
    - 40W to Route 93 to Vegas

    All suggestions and insights are welcome! I definitely want a fun and safe trip for my family and I.

    Thank you so much in advance!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Going through Denver would be my choice for scenery, and I would think that you should be able to tow over the mountains without any problems.

    However, since you do have concerns and its your car we are talking about, the I-40 route will work perfectly fine. However, if you do decide to take this path, I would recommend taking I-69 to Indy, and then using I-70 to St. Louis. This route avoids Chicago traffic, and will likely save you some time.

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    Thanks for the suggestion on avoiding Chicago traffic. I will definitely take that into account if we are to take the I-40 route.

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