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    We are planning on driving from San Francisco to Los Angeles down the big Sur in an RV. is the coast road suitable for a 30-34ft RV and are there plenty of good accessible RV campsites?

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    Default RVs on the Coast Highway

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    Well first off, CA-1 is a state highway, well paved and graded, and can certainly handle a 35' RV. Even so, you will have to pay attention to your driving rather than the scenery, and to others around you. You will probably not be able to keep up with the unencumbered cars that will be trying to zoom down the road, and so you should plan on making liberal use of the roadside rest stops and pull-offs, Fortunately, you are planning to travel from north to south so that the ocean and most of the lay-bys will be on your side of the road.

    As to RV camping, many, but not all, of the California State Parks along the coast highway take RVs (but pay close attention to the length limit at some parks) as do many of the private, commercial campgrounds. I found a number of the later by just doing a net search for 'RV park Big Sur'.

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