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    I'm going from MSP to ABQ. I think I could make the drive in two very long days by stopping in Wichita the first night.

    Now at Wichita there seems to be two options:
    1) 35south to 40west (connect at OKC). Because 35 runs due south from Wichita to OKC it's a very indirect route. It seems that if I went this route, the distance might be too great to cover in one day.
    2) Highway 54 to 40west (connect at Tucumcari, NM). This route is more direct as a matter of geography and cuts the actual distance down, but I don't know anything about long distance travels on non-interstates--does travel time go up due to a need for lower speed?

    Is 54 a road with just one lane in each direction? Would I save any time by traveling 54 over I-35?

    600 miles per day is normally when I start to hit the wall on a solo drive so I'm kind of intimidated by this one.. The reason I am hoping to do this drive in 2 days rather than 3 is that this is merely one leg of a larger road trip where I'm visiting friends in various cities. First, Chicago to MSP. Then to ABQ--since I don't know anyone in between those MSP & ABQ stops I want to cover that ground quick so I can spend more time elsewhere. After ABQ I'll head to PHX, then LA, then SFO. Should be great!

    Thanks for the replies

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'll first ease your mind a little by saying, I once during a solo trip made it from Sioux Falls to ABQ in 2 days, but I didn't leave SF until almost 6 pm on day one (drove until about 1am). I even added a couple hours of driving by taking a rather significant detour through the mountains of northern New Mexico, just for fun.

    Unfortuantly, I went through Denver instead of Kansas, so I can't specifically say which of your two options is faster. I suspect your total travel time on US-54 will probably be pretty similar to sticking to the interstates. Since it is mostly 2 lanes and goes through some towns, you will not be able to travel as fast, but it will save you a good chunk of mileage.

    Personally, I'd probably choose US-54, if for no other reason than it would provide a little variety to a trip with more than 1000 miles of interstates. I wouldn't expect it to save a lot of time, but it might save you a little bit, and if nothing else the shorter distance will mean a little less fuel used.

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