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    Hey everybody, i'm so happy i found this site, it has numerous details that can help new users like me.

    I'm traveling from New Jersey (Perth Amboy, NJ) to California (Visalia, CA) with my buddy to go meet my girlfriend that's there. We planning on leaving Agu 11th to and get there by Agu 19th (my girlfriends bday).

    I'm looking on any good routes to take or anything that might help,

    thanks in advance.

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    Welcome to the forum! I'm glad you've already found some things that will help you on your way.

    As far as a route for this trip, any of the 3 main central routes would work just fine for you. Without actually running the numbers, I'd suspect Taking I-80 all the way to CA, and then heading down CA-99 into Vasalia would be the shortest, although Using I-70/I-15 or I-40, and then taking CA-58 to CA-99 at Bakersfield would be very close.

    Since the travel times aren't that different and you should have enough time to see a few things along the way, I'd suggest finding a couple things along the way that you'd like to see, and then pick the route that brings you closest to those things.

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    thanks alot, i will look into those things, also how much would you estimate i would spend n gas money?

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    Default We built a tool just for you!

    Quote Originally Posted by going2cali
    thanks alot, i will look into those things, also how much would you estimate i would spend n gas money?
    If you know the distance (in either miles or Km) and the average MPG of your road trip vehicle, you can use this Fuel Cost Calculator Tool to get those answers -- that page also has the price of fuel for just about every state and province in Canada and the United States.


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