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  1. Default Two weeks in October

    My wife and I should manage to fly in to Seattle by 10th October. We have a commitment in LA on 21-22 October, but no urgent need to head out thereafter. That leaves us just ten days to "do" the North-West.

    We are talking here of two "seniors" (just made it past retirement). From previous trips we know (and like) San Francisco and Route One south to LA; but we have no experience north of SF.

    Any suggestions for how we occupy our time to the best?

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    Default Four Weeks Worth of Sights

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forum.

    One of our Moderators hails from that neck of the woods and has offered a ton of suggestions in the past. The beauty of a site like this is that those recommendations don't go away but are retained for others, such as yourself. So have a look at some of Judy's past posts and see if they're a help.

    Post 1
    Post 2
    Post 3
    Post 4


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    Default Eureka and Mendocino

    Quote Originally Posted by Redfellow
    That leaves us just ten days to "do" the North-West.
    I would spend some time around Redwood National Park near Eureka -- lots of scenic drives in the area, here is one, and then head down route 1 to Mendocino -- My favorite inn is the Stanford Inn, but there are a variety in the area.


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