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    Next weekend, a my best friend and I are taking a road trip from Long Island, NY to Sandusky, OH. (Cedar Point) I'm 18, she's 22. We're looking for fun, adventurous things to do on the way back, perhaps even the way there. We've already decided on the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Anything else to see? We will be taking route 80 for about 450 miles there and back. Any suggestions 2 young girls might be interested in? Like maybe the world's largest ball of twine? LOL...

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    There's not much night life between the time you leave the New York metro area and when you pull into Cleveland. I-80 traverses some beautiful countryside, but I'm not aware of any really oddball attractions along it. One stop that I do recommend if you're looking for a little scenery and maybe an bit of recreation is the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area just north of I-80 on both the Pennsylvania and Jersey sides of the river. Look into renting a canoe or raft and shooting some of the rapids. That should be fun and adventurous.


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    Thank you!! We're not looking into nightlife or anything like that, just some oddball stuff as you put it to see on the way back. Scenic things would be sweet too, thanks for your help, I'll definitely mention it to her today!!

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