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    Hello Roadtrippers! I'm planning to drive myself and my JRT (Jack Russell Terrier) from my home in Portland through the Spokane area, Northern Idaho to Northwestern Montana in early October. I'm a senior on a budget, subscribe to Tom's Theory of Motels, and appreciate really good cooking. What are the non-touristy, wonderful, little places to stop along the way? I have no special needs other than I really dislike chains of all kinds.

    Thanks for the help.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I don't have any favorites from this area that jump out at me, but I too try to avoid chains when I'm on the road (with some exceptions - most notably chains that aren't in my part of the country like In And Out).

    I generally just pull into a town and look for someplace that seems like a favorite of the locals. I've yet to find a place that didn't offer at least decent food, but most of all, it gives me an excuse to do a little exploring in a town I probably wouldn't otherwise stop in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daawgon
    And appreciate really good cooking. What are the non-touristy, wonderful, little places to stop along the way?
    JD, I don't know if you will make the trip all the way to Shelby or not, but the Sports Club Cattle Baron is flat-out amazing when it comes to steak. They serve a "secret sauce" that is worth the drive. It is also home to a pretty extensive collection of native American art. I first found this place, (and others like it) in Michael's Ultimate Montana Atlas and Travel Encyclopeida and if you are really looking for those local's spots, this is a good book to invest in.


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    And when you find that local favorite diner/restaurant, it's a good place to ask for advice on interesting places to spend the night that aren't part of a chain.

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