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    I am planning to do a 5 day road trip at the end of october/beginning of november this year. flying into boston and driving around New England staying at small rural inns. Is it too late to catch the foliage? can anyone recommend a route and inns. also other interesting things to do such as canoeing on a lake, a bit of hill wlking. Would also like to spend a bit of time on the coast. Any help would be great. Thanks. greg x

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I haven't done enough traveling in the Northeast (yet) to give you any great specifics.

    However, while I suspect you will be traveling in the "past peak" time of year for the foliage, unless there is a significant rain or windstorm, you should still be there in time to see quite a bit of color. I've traveled in other parts several weeks "past peak" and I've still been impressed with the views.

    Hopefully someone with a little more expertise will be along to give you some more details.

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    thanks. I hope so. Greg

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    You will be a little late for peak foliage in nothern NE, but there may still be some color on the trees in Connecticut and Mass. Still, it is very pretty time of year. Not sure where you are arriving in and out of, but I will give you one of my favorite drives. You could start in Boston and head up the coast thru Maine. As a New Englander, a stop in Freeport for LL Bean is a must, but hit Ogunquit along the way. There are a couple Inn's there-but I will need to find the names. It is about 3-4 hours from Boston to Freeport, taking the mid day to drive along the coast from Kennebunk to Ogunquit. After Freeport you can head west through interior Maine. No interstates, but some decent secondary roads. Some nice stops along the Sebago Lake area, and then into NH. We took the autoroad up Mount Washington, which was a great family adventure. There is also an old Cog Railway to the top. By November I don't know if the road is still open. Conway NH is a good base camp for this area. From there you can head over to VT, but look for Route 112-known as the Kangamangus Highway. Great views and lots of places to stop along the way. There are lots of places to go in VT, but I would suggest finding the back roads to Grafton where there is beautiful Inn and nice town for walking. From there you could spend more time in VT or head back to Mass for the Berkshires or back to Boston.

    Hope that gives you a start. Happy to help with more specifics.

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    Thank you ToddB. I will have alook on a map and get back to you foir more specifics regarding inns etc. This will give us a great start. Thanks

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