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    Hello All,

    I'm flying out to Vegas from England next week - have booked for 3 nights there and then we are due to pick up a car and drive to Scottsdale - 5 nights then drive to Sedona for 3 nights - then to Grand Canyon for one night, then finally back to Vegas for a blow-out on our last two nights.

    Everything is booked - are we mad? Is it really as far as it now looks on the map and any tips re. vehicle/route/events etc.

    Any help appreciated!


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Vegas to Scottsdale is a pretty easy trip. Stay right on US-93 all the way into the Phoenix area. Its about 300 miles, and should take around 6 hours if I remember correctly. The route is very heavily traveled, yet it isn't quite up to interstate standards, so it isn't as fast as some routes, but you shouldn't have any problems with.

    Otherwise, your trip looks good. I might try to add a second night at the Grand Canyon, but that's not essential.

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    Its around a 6 hour drive time from Las Vegas to Scottsdale, by the most direct route. Add in some times for gas and stretch-the-legs stops and etc, and its very doable in a day. It would be a bit longer to go via Flagstaff, but still very doable in a day's drive.

    Check out or or the Yahoo! maps site and it'll give you routes, and times and distances for typical driving times (not including gas stops, lunch stops, sightseeing and etc...)

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